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The maths behind a zombie apocalypse
NEWS@CSIRO, 19 July 2013

Is Australia at risk of a Tsunami?

Fran Kelly and Stephen Roberts, ABC Radio, 15 July 2013
Disaster modelling to save lives
Pia Akerman, The Australian 10 July 2013
Battling pests by the numbers
Simon Barry, ABC Science, 3 July 2013
Stuck in traffic? Maths can get you on your way
Tim Garoni, The Conversation, 17 June 2013
Mathematics ‘the key’ to solving transport woes
John Elder, The Age, 15 June 2013
Peak-hour problems? Just do the maths
Monash University, 14 June 2013
MAA and Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013
Mathematical Association of America, 28 May 2013 
Beautiful Numbers
Emma Bland and Stephanie Pradier, University of Melbourne Voice, 11 March 2013
Mathematics embraces the Planet in 2013
Geoscience Australia, 30 January 2013
Pi Day a Maths Magnet
Brendan Lucas, Herald Sun, 29 January 2013
Mathematics. Trust me. It’s important in your life
Dr Ron Sandland, ABC Science, 23 January 2013
Year of thinking mathematically
Jill Rowbotham, The Australian, 15 December 2012



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