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Published on August 23rd, 2013 | by Simi


Geometric and Music, and Fourier Transform in Daily Life

When I was a child, I loved long hours at sea and loved peaceful mountains. I love rustic life. And soon after, I started learning Fourier Transform and Fourier Series. The image of the sea waves and undulating mountains makes ​​me think of applications of the Fourier Transform in music.

Structure of the instrument – Previously, the structure of the instrument was performed by the graph of a function. For example: exponential functions in musical instruments like string instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments etc.

Characteristics of sound – To be able to convert from the series of numbers to sound, we need to apply the Fourier Transform. All vocal sounds and instruments can be described by mathematical expressions. Thanks to the Fourier Transform, the three characteristics of sound known as: intensity, timbre, and pitch, can be represented by graphs . There is a clear distinction that may help you to identify the waves as drawings on the graphs.

PHOTO: Hawaiian Sunset (I found this photo when I searched for images of the beach and nature)

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