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Published on June 13th, 2013 | by Stephanie


Talking environmetrics and MPE Australia with Prof. David Fox

Prof. David Fox
from the University of Melbourne heads Environmetrics Australia. He will be speaking on the second day of MPE: The Conference.  He founded the company to deliver advanced mathematical and statistical services to help support environmental monitoring, sampling and assessment.

His presentation Statistical Science for the environment, will give the audience an deeper understanding of why, ‘statistics are a natural way to deal with the uncertainties in the environment’, Prof. Fox said.

When we develop forecast for our environment we have to make predictions – for example how safe or unsafe might this dredging make our water.  David’s company does just this.  And environmetrics is the study of such things.

‘Environmetrics is a discipline in its own right. The definition I think best describes it is that it deals with the development and application of statics for measuring, monitoring and managing the environment,’ Prof. Fox said.

Our environment undergoes many changes, some of these occur naturally and some are a result of human interaction.  I was fascinated to learn that environmetrics is able to dig deep into the many challenging aspects of modelling and prediction and give probabilities that regard both spontaneous and man-made events.

‘Mankind has a footprint and nothing is certain,’ said Prof. Fox. ‘Mother nature herself is unwilling to give much away. Therefore statistics are essential in dealing with some of these uncertainties.

‘The conference is a great networking opportunity.  I am looking forward to interacting and sharing experiences with people from many disciplines – that essentially have maths and stats at their heart,’ Prof. Fox concluded.

To learn more about this intriguing discipline and the current projects Prof. Fox and his team are conducting watch the interview above.  And be sure to check MPE: The Conference.


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