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Published on January 13th, 2014 | by Stephanie


Chantelle Kallmeier

Position: Hospitality Consultant / Restaurant Manager

How do you introduce yourself at parties?
“Je m’appelle, Chantelle, ça va?” Then hope they reply in French, so I may have my chance of eloping to France!

Do you think that mathematicians deserve the “geek” tag?
Seeing as no one has actually introduced themselves to me as a mathematician, I can’t quantify the tag. but I am attracted to the more intellectual types. I prefer the term ‘interesting’, as they certainly interest me.

How do you use maths in your organisation/work?
Hospitality is built around a ‘numbers game’ these days more than ever. If you can’t do the ‘maths’ (sic – I was brought up in the UK) you simply won’t survive as a business, no matter how much of a ‘people person’ you are. Mathematics is integral

What has maths done for you lately?
Fortunately, made me a small profit from a ‘pop-up’ venture!
It’s also stimulated the part of my brain that I wouldn’t otherwise get to exercise. Running a floor shift in a restaurant can sometimes leave you on automatic pilot as it comes so naturally. Being able to utilise that part of the brain after service by ‘number crunching’ helps to keep me vital.

Do you have a favourite application or theory of maths? And if you do, why is it so?
No one thing to focus on, but my theory is of maths and time -I work ‘backwards; “If I need to be there at ‘x’ time, then I need to be here by ‘y’ time, which allows me ‘z’ amount of time to drink my coffee, then I can leave me house at ‘A’ time and get up at ‘B’ time without rushing!” et voila.

Further information about Chantelle’s Hospitality Consultancy Company: 


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