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Published on December 13th, 2012 | by Simi


Chaitanya Rao

Position: Researcher, Melbourne Research Laboratory, IBM Australia

How do you introduce yourself at parties?
Hi, my name’s Chaitanya and I am a maths enthusiast.

What area of mathematics and why?
I specialised in the mathematics of telecommunications as I found the ideas involved fascinating. I have a fond appreciation of the challenges involved in transmitting signals wirelessly, for example images from Mars or the outer solar system.

Do you think that mathematicians deserve the “geek” tag?
Yes if the word is considered in its positive sense. Mathematicians are typically passionate about what they do and have an interesting perspective of life that is worth listening to.

What has maths done for you lately?
Given me a mental buzz as it usually does!

Do you have a favourite application or theory of maths?
I enjoy linear algebra a lot because it can be viewed from both algebraic and geometric viewpoints.


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