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WHAT: Mathematics of Planet Earth Australia 2013: The Conference brings together some of Australia’s and the world’s top minds to discuss how the mathematical sciences can be used to better understand and solve challenges of a global nature. Topics to be examined include natural disaster risk, environmental modelling, climate change, complex and dynamical systems and scientific data mining.

WHEN: 8-12 July 2013

WHO: Key speakers at the event include:
Prof. David Karoly, ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science/University of Melbourne
Abstract: Modelling variations in extreme weather and climate events and understanding their causes

Dr Bronwyn Harch, CSIRO
Abstract: Data Science – informing insights, understanding and decision making relevant to Planet Earth

Prof. Chris Budd, University of Bath and Royal Institution
Abstract: Data Assimilation in weather forecasting
Video Interview

Duncan Young, Australian Bureau of Statistics
Abstract: The Australian Population Census
Video Interview

Dr Robert Muir-Wood, Risk Management Solutions
Abstract: Saving lives and money – the second wave of Catastrophe modelling
Video Interview

Dr Kate Evans, Oakridge National Laboratory
Abstract: Recent strategies and challenges for simulation and reproducibility in global climate modelling
Video Interview

Full list of speakers is available here

WHERE: Rydges, 186 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

DETAIL: 2013 is the International Year of Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE). The year aims to increase public awareness of the role mathematics and statistics play in solving global challenges. It also provides an opportunity for current researchers to create new scientific collaborations. MPE: The Conference brings together local and international academics, researchers from Geoscience Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the MPE patron Professor Ian Chubb.

The general public are encouraged to join in on 10 July. Dr Mark Stafford Smith, Science Director Climate Adaptation Flagship, CSIRO, will be delivering a public lectureA Future Earth for our children: maths for the planet

Conference website
Plenary Speaker Interviews
Public Lecture
Maths of Planet Earth website

Media Contact
Stephanie Pradier
M: 0424 568 314

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