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Published on July 5th, 2013 | by Stephanie


Statistical Scones. Mathematical Tea.

I stumbled upon a statistical algorithm to create the perfect scone this morning. According to Dr Eugina Cheng there needs to be a 2:1:1 ratio of scone : jam : cream.  The ideal thickness of the scone, Dr Cheng said, is 2.8 cm and the jam must be spread first.

Dr Cheng is a Senior Lecturer of Pure Mathematics at the University of Sheffield and has a passion for explain mathematical ideas with baked goods.

This article reminded me of something that I read last year about pouring the perfect cup of tea. According to scientists at the University of Northumbria the optimum brewing time is two minutes and 10 ml of milk is ideal.  Your tea must be drunk 6 minutes after brewing – when the perfect drinking temperature of 60 C is met – but you must finish it before 17.5 minutes passes.

Next time I have friends over I can dazzle them with the maths and spoil them with the perfect cuppa and scone – if only I were British.



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