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Published on March 14th, 2013 | by Stephanie


How do you like your pi?


You may have heard a little rumour about March 14. A rumour that should have your taste buds tingling. Written as a date – the American way – 3.14 is also the first three significant figures of pi or rather $\pi$ – a mathematical constant.

This year Pi Day is going to go viral.  MoPE Australia is hosting an event in Sydney that will be broadcast to schools across the Nation – more info can be found here If you can’t make it or you’re outside the age bracket I’ve done an irrational amount of “Google-ing” and found a bakers dozen of $\pi$ activities. So get out your ruler, calculator, some pizza and a few delicious desserts.  Create your own $\pi$ fun, round the family dining room table, or the share-house communal dumping ground table.

Simon Pampena put together these great activities

Pi button       piems button

CSIRO have a few great activities:

Princeton University have a dedicated party and webpage:

And Exploratorium — The museum of science, art and human perception — also have a Pie Day extravaganza prepared:

And if the above recipies don’t tickle your fancy, or you crave a different flavour; search the $pi$-webs.  You’re bound to stumble across something to sink your teeth in to![subscribe2]

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