MEDIA RELEASE: Public Lecture – A future earth for our children


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WHAT: A future earth for our children: maths for the planet

WHEN: Wednesday July 10, 6 – 7 pm

WHO: Dr Mark Stafford Smith, Science Director Climate Adaptation Flagship, CSIRO
WHERE: Rydges, 186 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
DETAIL: We live on a planet under pressure. As a species we are hugely innovative, but there is increasing evidence that we must alter our trajectory if our grandchildren are to enjoy the comforts we take for granted today.
Globally we must seek a transition to a more sustainable future; both the sciences and humanities play a major role in our planetary stewardship.
Future Earth is a new 10-year international research initiative with the explicit goal of integrating across research disciplines and engaging with decision makers around the world to help deliver solutions from the resulting research.
Dr Stafford Smith is Chair of the Science Committee at Future Earth and the Science Director of CSIRO’s Climate Adaptation Flagship.  He oversees a highly interdisciplinary programme of research on many aspects of adapting to climate change. And with over 30 years experience he will ensure that the science of Future Earth is of the highest quality.
“This talk will outline the challenges we face, and provide my idiosyncratic view on some of the contributions from mathematical sciences,” said Dr Stafford-Smith.
AMSI Director, Prof. Geoff Prince, is full of anticipation for Wednesday nights public lecture:  “Dr Stafford Smith is an engaging and entertaining speaker. He has a unique take on how the mathematical sciences contribute to every facet of human existence. I am sure his talk will inform and motivate all attendees.”
Prof. Prince continued: “The Future Earth initiative embraces the ideas of MPE. And we are fortunate to have Dr Stafford Smith joining us to promote the role of the mathematical sciences in facing our future.”
This Public Lecture forms the outreach component of Maths of Planet Earth Australia: The Conference.
2013 is the International Year of Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE). The year aims to increase public awareness of the role mathematics and statistics play in solving global challenges.
For interview:
Dr Mark Stafford Smith
Science Director Climate Adaptation Flagship
MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Stephanie Pradier, 0459 073 708,


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