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Next week, a record number of expert medical researchers, statisticians, biologists and computer scientists will meet in Adelaide at BioInfoSummer 2013 to discuss state-of-the-art technologies used in medical and biological research.

Recipient of the 2013 Prime Minister’s Prize for Science, Professor Terry Speed, an eminent Australian statistician and a member of the Royal Society, will open and speak at the event.

‘Medical research centres worldwide have recognised the importance of mathematics and statistics in developing treatments for illnesses like cancer and diabetes. Terry’s awards and his key role at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute are a testament to this’, said Professor Geoff Prince, Director of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI).

At the ripe age of 35, Dr Villie Mäkinen – computational engineer turned bioinformatician from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – heads a research group which aims to better understand the connections between type one diabetes, kidney disease and glaucoma.

‘The merging of statistics, biology and medicine is the way forward. The way to, hopefully, discover new cures and prevent diseases,’ keynote speaker Dr Villie Mäkinen said.

At a time when diabetes is being dubbed Australia’s silent pandemic, breakthroughs in this field are crucial.

BioInfoSummer is a major annual bioinformatics event funded by the Commonwealth Government and AMSI. The event will take place from 2 – 6 December 2013 at The University of Adelaide.



More information on BioInfoSummer 2013 here

Video resources: Speaker interviews
Dr Ville Mäkinen speaks on DAY 3: Video interview here.
Dr Stephane Guindon speaks on DAY 2: Video interview here.
Dr Alicia Oshlack speaks on DAY 4: Video interview here.

Professor Geoff Prince
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