Probability and Chance

Published on May 10th, 2013 | by Simi


A Second in Time

I was listening to a song called “Home” by Holiday Parade, and the lyrics went: “You’re gonna regret every chance that you never take, with every second you let slip away”

That simple line had a great impact on me because it teaches us to appreciate the things we have now, whether they be people or objects. In relation to the theme of this photography competition “Probability & Chance”, I think that quote summarizes the fact that life is like a probability game, that can take unexpected turns, for the good and for the bad. That’s why we need to appreciate what we have now. My image of the time-watch symbolizes the movement of time. It is placed amongst the cherry blossoms to illustrate that spring is over, and another year gone. Overall, time is like a river, its essence trickling away, bring opportunities and loses before we even realize it.

Karlein Kwong[subscribe2]

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